Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Knitting/what the hell is going on here.

Crochet hooks are my friends.
Knitting needles are not.
 Not at all. I hate them. I hate circular needles most of all. See that little brownish bit on the end close to the needle? That's where I burned the two pieces together after I cut off a large chunk of the wire because it was a hundred times too long. It's probably gonna fall apart midway through my knitting.
So I'm attempting to knit owl fingerless mittens for a good friend. Knitting, because crochet can't quite achieve the look that I'll get with knitting. 
My mom has knitted for years. It's how she quit smoking when she was in her thirties. Right now, she's working on this gorgeous cabled lace hoodie for me and I know it's years of practice that enable her to do it so effortlessly but still, I thought I'd be on my way to animal-bedecked armwear by now. I'm still trying to get all the stitches to go around the circle.
At least I'm getting paid.
When I'm done, I'm gonna crochet myself a pity present.

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