Saturday, December 21, 2013

And instead of sleeping because I have work, I'm spinning more yarn.

I know I just finished my mom's alpaca, but I've been dying to spin the roving I bought. In order to start that, I have to finish the Corriedale I have left over from my sweater (that still needs bigger buttons sewn on, whoops). Which is fine, because it's super easy to spin and I can do all kinds of fun things with it.

What I'm doing now is spinning a super thin strand and then a super thick strand and plying them together to form an uneven yarn that would look fantastic as a scarf. Which I might list on my Etsy shop.

Wow, my tablet takes better photos than my camera...
 Look at the color gradient I've got going on! This is also the most even thing of yarn I've ever spun. I really wanna keep going but I work at seven in the morning tomorrow. Goodnight!

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