Sunday, December 22, 2013

Coconut squash soup and Captain Clumsypants

Some days I'm more clumsy than others. Today is a more than day.

I wanted soup.

This website has some fantastic recipes and I went with the coconut squash soup.

And of course my kitchen looks like this. Our dishwasher is broken.

I chopped up about a third of a sweet potato and a half of a squash which resulted in two pretty deep finger cuts because I'm dumb and slice things wrong. Said vegetables were cooked in the oven for 25 minutes along with garlic.

At least Ninja Turtles Band-Aids were on sale at CVS.
I heated the coconut milk and chicken stock (or bullion and water) together and added leek instead of onion and went to move my tablet to a safer location than the kitchen and this is when disaster fell.

While walking through the kitchen I tripped over Bagheera--yeah, I tripped over my cat--and dropped my tablet on my ceramic tile floor.

The screen is shattered.

I pureed the vegetables with the coconut mixture but removed the leeks before doing so and it turned out fine, but I'm making dumplings for it. Dumplings are just a sticky dough from flour, salt, and water. Pinch some bits off, boil them in water, and add them to your soup. Egg noodles would suffice too.

I'm so mad.

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